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TM 5-6115-400-35
head flows around the stainless
surface of holder body (surface
steel sleeve and helps to cool the
which contacts upper end of valve
nozzle holder.
body) and make certain the surface
is clean and free from scratches.
b. Fuel Injection Nozzle Holder Sleeve Removal.
This surface should be lapped if
Whenever the cylinder heads are removed from the
necessary, using 1,000G lapping
engine, the nozzle holder sleeve should be thoroughly
compound, castor oil, and a lapping
cleaned (fig.  48) and inspected.  If sleeve condition
block. When lapping (fig. 47) use
warrants replacement, proceed as follows:
care to keep the nozzle holder body
(1) Using tools similar to the ones shown in
square with the lapping block to
figure 48, screw the 7/8 inch tap down into
assure contact with the entire area
the nozzle holder sleeve.
being resurfaced.
After lapping,
(2) Insert driving rod through the nozzle tip
remove all traces of the lapping
hole in bottom of the cylinder head; using
compound with clean diesel fuel
a hammer, drive sleeve out of the cylinder
and dry with filtered compressed air.
(f) Examine the spindle spring. If the
c. Fuel Injection Nozzle Holder Sleeve Installation
spring is scratched or pitted, it must
be replaced. Also, the spring must
(1) Thoroughly clean the bore in the cylinder
be replaced if the ends have worn.
head for injection nozzle holder sleeve.
(2) Clean new nozzle holder sleeve with a
solvent and dry.  Apply sealant to the
(g) Rinse spindle in clean fuel and
sleeve at top and bottom outside surfaces
insert it into holder body. Place the
which contact the head.  Use grade A
spindle spring in position on spindle.
"Loctite Sealant" or equivalent.
Install pressure adjusting screw,
(3) Install sleeve in position in cylinder
pressure adjusting screw locknut
head with sleeve end having the
and gasket, protection cap and
large O.D. toward the top. Using
gasket-do not tighten at this time.
tools similar to those shown in
(h) Install nozzle valve, valve body,
figure 48, drive sleeve into position
and nozzle retaining nut.  Tighten
in cylinder head until it bottoms
nut to a torque of 60-80 ft. lbs.
solidly in the bore.
(i) Test and adjust the fuel injection
43. Rocker Arms and Shafts
a. General. The four different types of rocker arms
instructed in paragraph d.
installed on an engine are marked on top with raised
(j) Tighten the protection cap to a
letters so they may be removed and replaced in their
torque of 60-75 ft. lbs.
original or an interchangeable position on the rocker
42. Fuel Injection Nozzle Holder Sleeves
shaft assemblies. The rocker arms for the intake valves
a. General. The bore in the cylinder head for each
are marked either "1-2-4-5 Int. R.H." or "3-6 Int. L.H."
fuel injection nozzle holder extends directly through the
Rocker arms for the exhaust valves are marked "1-2-4-
cylinder head water jacket.' To facilitate removal of the
5-Exh.  L.H." or "3-6 Exh.  R.H." The rocker arms,
nozzle holder for servicing, without loss of coolant, a
having slightly different angles, allow centralized contact
stainless steel nozzle holder sleeve is pressed into the
on the valve mechanism.
cylinder heads at each nozzle bore. The sleeve forms a
water-tight receptacle for the nozzle holder. The coolant
in the cylinder


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