Quantcast Figure 9-37.  Checking Cylinder Block Counterbore Depth

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TM 9-6115-604-34 NAVFAC P-8-633-34 d.  Install. (1) Refer  to  step  (11),  below,  and  install  the  cylinder  liner  (27,  Figure  9-24)  in  the  cylinder  block(58)  without  the crevice seal or packings, and check the liner-to-block clearance in the lower bore with a feeler gage (see Figure 9-36).  It is desirable that the clearance be in accordance with Table 1-4.  It is permissible, however, for a new liner  to  contact  with  the  bore  provided  that  the  liner  is  not  warped  out-of-round  because  of  heavy  contact.    I contact is noted, check the liner for out-of-round with a dial bore gage.  If the liner is out-of-round over 0.002 inch (0.05 mm) in the packing area, repair the lower bore in accordance with paragraph 9-31. (2) Remove the cylinder liner (27, Figure 9-24) from the cylinder block (58) in accordance with step a(3), above, and check the counterbore depth (Figure 9-37) in the block using 3376220 or a depth micrometer. (3) Measure the thickness of the liner flange (A, Figure 9-35), insert ring (31, Figure 9-24), and shims (if used). (4) Add the thickness of the insert-ring (31) and shims (if used) to the flange thickness of the liner (27), and subtract the  depth  of  the  counterbore  (insert-ring  +  shims  +  liner  flange  counterbore  depth).    The  obtained  is  the  liner protrusion, and must be 0.005 to 0.007 inch (0.13 to 0.18 mm).  Refer to Table 9-5, and add or subtract shims as necessary to obtain the correct liner protrusion. (5) Apply a 1/16 inch bead of silicone 3801048 in the counterbore of the cylinder block (58), and install the insert-ring (31) in the counterbore of the cylinder block.  If necessary, add shims as selected in step (4), above Shims, if used, shall be installed between the insert-ring (31) and the liner flange. Figure 9-36.  Checking Cylinder Liner To Lower Bore Clearance Figure 9-37.  Checking Cylinder Block Counterbore Depth 9-69


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