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TM5-6115-593-34 NAVFAC P-8-631-34 TO-35C2-3-463-2 11-6.  PERMANENT MAGNET STATOR AND FRAME ASSEMBLY a. General.  The permanent magnet generator (PMG) stator furnishes power to the voltage regulator. The stator (33, figure 11-3) is bolted to the end-bell (85).  It consists of armature windings in a laminated core welded to a steel frame.  The revolving field or rotor (37) is made up of permanent magnets. b. Inspection.  Inspect assembly for: (1) Cracked insulation of wiring. (2) Accumulation of dust, moisture or other foreign matter. (3) Cracks or breaks in welded steel frame. c. Test.  A resistance check of the stator winding can be made as follows: (1) Connect a Wheatstone bridge to the stator leads. (2) Resistance should be 0.0024355 ohms per winding, at an ambient temperature of 77°F (25°C). (3) If resistance reading is incorrect, replace defective stator assembly. d. Replacement.  When disassembling the PMG stator from the generator, the PMG rotor and exciter assembly is also removed. (1) Removal.  Remove as follows: (a)  Remove screws (26 and 28, figure 11-3), washer (29), and nut (27), and remove cover (30). WARNING USE    EXTREME    CARE    WHEN    REMOVING ROTOR   TO   PREVENT   INJURY   TO   HANDS DUE TO MAGNETIC ATTRACTION BETWEEN THE PMG ROTOR AND THE PMG STATOR OR GENERATOR SHAFT. (b) Take out retaining bolt (34) and washer (35). Observe WARNING above, and remove pin (36) and PMG rotor (37). NOTE If the PMG rotor is to remain disassembled for an extended period, install a keeper on the rotor.  Use a band of iron or steel. (c) Support the PMG stator with an overhead crane or hoist. WARNING OVERHEAD OPERATIONS HAVE INHERENT HAZARDS THAT CANNOT BE MECHANICALLY SAFEGUARDED.  HARD HATS AND SAFETY SHOES ARE REQUIRED. (d) Disconnect the PMG stator leads.  Tag leads for reconnection. (e) Disconnect and tag exciter field leads. (f) Remove exciter rotor (38) as follows: (1) Remove set screw (52). (2) The exciter armature is a "slip-fit" on the generator shaft.  If the armature cannot be removed by hand, remove with a puller. CAUTION Do not pull on rotating rectifier assembly of the exciter armature windings. (3). Install a cap or plug to protect the shaft center. Using the tapped holes in the end of sleeve, bolt to the end of sleeve spacers and a metal plate. Refer to figure 11-11. (4) Hook a bearing puller to the metal plate and pull exciter armature and rotating rectifier assembly from the shaft. 11-21


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