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TM 5-6115-465-34
TO 35C2-3-446-2
NAVFAC P-8-625-34
TM 06858B/06859D-34
Do not allow the pump to `cock" as it is
a.  General. The Roosa Master Fuel Injection
removed, as damage to the pilot tube
Pump is mounted on the timing gear case and is gear
will result.
driven through an idler gear arrangement by the
crankcase gear. The end thrust of the fuel injection
pump gear and shaft is controlled by a spring loaded
(9) Carefully slide fuel injection pump (14)
thrust button located in the inspection cover on the
from the timing gear housing.
timing gear housing cover. It is advisable when re-
moving or installing the fuel injection pump that the
c. Disassembly.  Disassemble the fuel injection
gear housing inspection cover be removed from the
pump in the ascending sequence of item numbers as-
timing gear cover to relieve the spring tension of the
signed to figure 3-19 while observing the following:
thrust button. The fuel injection pump attaching
flange holes are elongated to permit accurate adjust-
ment of the fuel pump timing.
Place all parts in a pan containing clean
b. Removal.
oil. Discard all o-rings and gaskets.
Thoroughly clean the fuel injection pump
Never clamp the pump in a vice without
prior to removal Cap or plug all fittings
using the fixture.
and lines to prevent dirt from entering
the pump and fuel system.
(1) Mount the pump in holding fixture and se-
(1) Refer to the Operator and Organizational
Maintenance Manual and drain the day tank assembly.
(2) Remove three screws (1) and remove cover
containing solenoid.
(2) Disconnect injector return lines (1 and 2,
figure 3-18) and remove tee (3).
(3) Rotate shut-off lever (21) to full shutoff
(3) On precise sets, remove self-locking nut
position; place a screwdriver between housing and
(4) and screw (5) to disconnect hydraulic actuator
linkage hook (50) and pry off shutoff cam (25). Dis-
linkage (6). On utility sets disconnect the manual
card shutoff cam.
speed control.
(4) Partially withdraw throttle shaft assembly
(26) and lift out throttle shaft lever (45), spacers and
damper barrel assembly (88).
When fuel pump is removed from the
engine for repair, the throttle lever
(5) Remove throttle shaft assembly and shutoff
should be tied in the wide open position
shaft assembly (24).
while it is in transit or storage. This
prevents the governor weights from dis-
(6) Loosen end plate sleeve.
lodging inside the pump housing.
(7) Remove screws (63), lockwashers (64),
flat washers (65), and transfer pump and plate (66).
(4) Disconnect inlet fuel line (7) and remove
elbow (8).
(8) Remove thrust plate (67).
(5) Refer to the Operator and Organizational
(9) Remove the pressure regulating sleeve (55)
Maintenance Manual and disconnect fuel injector
from end plate (66). Slid off filter element (57). Re-
move adjusting plug (54). Shake out the regulating
spring (60) and piston (61). Reverse the assembly and
(6) Remove screws (9), timing line cover (10),
remove the regulating piston seal (62).
and gasket (11).
(10) To disassemble transfer pump, lift out
(7) Using a suitable wrench on the crankshaft
transfer pump seal (68), liner (72), blades (71), and
pulley, bar the engine over in the direction of rotation
springs (70).
until the timing line on the governor retainer hub
aligns with the timing line on the pump cam.
(11) Remove the speed droop adjusting cap
assembly (73) by pulling it from control rod guide
(8) Remove nuts (12) and lockwashers (13).


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